Mad hatters afternoon tea

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I hope you are all well and had a lovely weekend 🙂 I sure did 😀 It was my birthday in February  and my best friend booked for us to go a  afternoon tea at the Sanderson Hotel on the Sunday just gone in London and the theme was Mad Hatters ( Alice in Wonderland) I have always wanted to try this because as a child I have always loved Alice in Wonderland.

The afternoon tea and service was excellent and definitely is a must try if you are in London! We sat in the garden of the hotel which decorated beautifully we was so lucky as the weather was stunning which is rare in London haha. The theme was displayed beautifully throughout the table which was beautiful I have been to many afternoon teas and this would by far this was the best. I will insert images down below for you to see.


The cards are above are the choices of special teas which they offer. The glass bottles contain the tea leaves—you also have a choice of normal teas as well.


The menu


The above is a ice cream which is all edible it looks just like a flower pot–such a cute concept.


Love how they made this look like the poition from the story.

I really had a lovely day and would recommend it, the hotel itself was so stunning and modern. Please comment down below if you have experienced afternoon tea and what you thought of it.

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Review: Bobbi Brown BB Cream

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I hope you’re all doing well 🙂

I am definitely the type of girl to wear a full face of  make-up every day I love that glam look, however, over the years I have tried out a various different brands of foundations and use to suffer with really bad breakouts. Not knowing it was the foundations I thought it was either poor diet or not taking care of my skin even though every morning and night I would have a skin care regime and still was confused to why I was suffering with bad breakouts.

This summer I went to Mexico and during my time there I didn’t use FullSizeRender (5)foundation as I was tanned and so when I arrived back to the UK and needed to get matched for a new foundation shade, however, instead a opted for a BB cream by Bobbi Brown. I was normally not into BB creams as the drug store ones I did not like especially by Maybelline I found it extremely watery and it would oxidize.

And so when I was speaking the lady on the Bobbi Brown counter she recommend the BB cream and matched me to a shade at the time I was tanned and she matched me to Medium to Dark now I use the shade in Natural. I tested it out for the time being and love wasn’t watery texture wise it is very much like a foundation it has medium coverage but is build able.

Since June I have used it every day and even on night outs it looks flawless in pictures, lasts all day long and I no longer have break outs 😀 I cannot see myself going back to using foundations ever again I absolutely love this BB cream! In order to see how amazing it is I have linked down below my everyday make up tutorial in which you can see how it looks on the skin and how you can still achieve a full faced make up look.

 This BB cream lasts me a very long time and I use it every day, it has a very large variety of shades, doesn’t oxidize, the packaging is very simple and sleek.

Price- £29.50.

Definitely a must try!! ❤

Please leave your comments below on your thoughts on this product.

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How I Contour & Highlight

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No matter what every girl wants that flawless, glowing skin and perfectly structured cheek bones and we all know that we can achieve this with the help of the highlighting and contouring. There are many different ways of highlighting and contouring. It is also very important to know your face shape to ensure that you are contouring the correct way as every different face shape requires different areas to be contoured.

We also have the beauty of being able to use variety of products such as cream and powder, my favourites are cream especially for contouring I love creating the shadows by using a my Bobbi Brown Foundation stick which is a few shades darker my natural skin tone (any foundation works). It is important to remember that when using a powder product to contour that you use more grey toned bronzers instead of warm tones, my favourite bronzer for this is Hoola by Benefit to create that perfect shadow.

To highlight the areas which you desire you can achieve this by using powders, liquid illuminators and concealers (my fav MAC prep & prime). I have created a tutorial showing step by step how I contour and highlight my face, please remember that everyone has different ways and tricks on how to contour and highlight.

I would love it if you would check out my video on my way of doing and to see what products I use. ❤

I would also like to see how you contour and highlight and what your thoughts are on it so please comment below.

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Ozel xox

The Benefits of Strawberries

Hey lovelies ❤ hope you are all well.

I LOVE strawberries especially dipped in chocolate, but I also love that strawberries can also be used within your beauty regime instead of just being a part of a diet. Strawberries are beneficial for many things from weight loss, skin, hair and teeth.

Strawberries are amazing to whiten your teeth…yes to whiten your teeth! The acid in the strawberry brightens, whitens and removes stains from your teeth. All you need to do is mash the strawberry up with a fork and dip your toothbrush into in and brush your teeth we the mashed strawberry..try doing this a twice a week you will start seeing results. Personally, I think this method of teeth whiten is so much more better then having them whitened with chemicals.

Strawberry Skin Scrub?…Why not try cutting up strawberries and rubbing them over your face to gently exfoliate your skin, strawberries are good to refresh and cleanse your skin as it consist of alpha-hydroxy acid. Leave the scrub on your face for a few minutes then rinse off you will find that your skin feels fresher and smoother.

If you are suffering with puffy eyes all you have to do is cut a few slices of strawberries and place them on your eyelids and under eyes sit back and relax for around 8-10mins after the time is up remove the slices and moisturise under your and around your eyes with a eye cream of your choice and you will notice the skin around your eyes will no longer look puffy and you will look really awake and hydrated.

Suffering with dry hair before you shampoo your hair why not chop up 6-8 strawberries and mix in well with a tablespoon of mayonnaise apply to dry hair ensuring that the mixture is applied equally and tie up and place a in shower cap. To ensure that the mixture works into the hair place a warm towel over the shower cap. Try and wait for a good ten minutes to ensure that the mixture works into the hair, once the time is up wash off with your normal routine. You will find that there will be improvement with your hair and it will feel a lot softer.

If you want to ensure that your skin is really soft and moisturised then I would recommend for you to mix in mashed strawberries with plain unsweetened yoghurt. once the mixture is blended together well you can apply it to your face just like a face mask and keep it on your face for 10mins. This face mask is so easy to make, keeps your skin soft and hydrated and is also amazing for oily skin.

It’s so amazing how one fruit can benefit you in so many ways strawberries are also recommended to be eaten when you want to lose weight as the acid within the strawberry burns fat and so this healthy and tasty option will help you to achieve many things.

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Ozel xox

Review: Flawless Dream Nude Foundation


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Hope you are all well!

Everyone has been going mad over this new foundation by Maybelline and I thought I would give it go. Over the years I have used high end foundations and drug store foundations, however, my ultimate favourite drug store brand for foundations is Maybelline and so when they came out with their new foundation I was very excited about it.

I was a little sceptical about trying this foundation as to me when I looked at the bottle the foundation seemed very watery, however, the next day after purchasing it I tried it out and was really amazed by the results. A little really does go a long way with this product it left my skin looking very natural but also did an amazing job at covering up my blemishes as well.

I would say that this foundation has a medium coverage but it can also be very build able.


The application of this product is a little different to normal foundations as you all know that normally foundations are package in a form where you can pump out the product, however, this foundation comes with a stick inside which is covered with the product. During the application of the foundation I just dabbed the stick with the product over my face and used a Real Techniques Buffing Brush* to work the product into my skin.

*any foundation brush can be used….you can even use your fingers.

The product has many different selections of colour shades to ensure that you have the perfect colour match to yourself.


I am a 40 Fawn Cannelle in this foundation and I ❤ it.

Do I recommend this product?

Yes, I do.

This product is very suitable for daily wear, light weight and looks very natural on the skin. However, I personally would not wear this foundation for a night for a night out I do prefer to have full coverage and this foundation is a lot more suitable for daily wear.


I bought this foundation at my local Boots for £5.99. I personally think that the pricing of this foundation is very suitable and is definitely worth your money.


I personally don’t think that this product has any cons, however, I did find the application of this product a little strange as I am normally use to foundations having the pump so that we can pump out the product….other than this the product is great!


The packaging is really nice…the colour scheme is really girly and the bottle is a lovely size so it wouldn’t take up much space in your make up collection/bag.


Please comment down below on your thoughts on this foundation.

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My HD Brow Experience

Hey lovelies!

Let’s talk brows!

I love a polished and tidy brow and over the years I have had my brows waxed, plucked and threaded and always had a lovely shape, however,  this last year the lady who was doing my brows wasn’t doing them the way I liked so I stopped going to her.

Eventually I went back because I was too afraid to try anywhere else, I did use the Veet Facial Wax Pen and I was achieving the brows which I wanted and they looked great…but then I became too lazy to continue and I went back to the lady and started threading again, I love threading but she wasn’t doing it properly she was always breaking the hairs in and it was so annoying  and so once again I wasn’t really satisfied with my brows. One brow was a little more out of shape then the other and it was really bothering me, it was like she didn’t understand what I wanted and it was  really frustrating.

My best friend Salih from Salih’s World is known as the eyebrow king and he really  is! He has the most perfect brows and they always look amazing!

When I was speaking to Sal one day he told me that he was starting the HD Brow course and he was going to be mobile…the minute I heard this I stopped getting my eyebrows threaded and let my brows grow out as much as I could so that Sal could work his magic on me.

Once he was qualified both myself and my mum booked an appointment with him, as my mum was not happy with the results from the lady as well, so both myself and my mum were walking around with bushy and untidy brows so that Sal had enough brow hairs to work with haaha.

He started with tinting the brows to my desired colour and then continued working on the brows by waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming to ensure that I was happy with the new shape and that I was getting  the perfect brow that I desired for. Once this process was done he then filled in the areas which were sparse with the HD Brow Pallet and viola my perfect brows were back all thanks to the Eyebrow King.

The process was so fun and I love the results!

Sal works within the London area only-please see his contact details below.

Please research HD Brows to find the best HD brow stylist within your area to give you your perfect eyebrow transformation.

My brows before and after…


My mums brows before and after…


Price: £25.00

Thank you so much Sal ❤

For appointments and queries e-mail Sal on

Until next time.

With love,

Ozel xo

My Top 5 Lip Care Products

PicMonkey Collage

Hey lovelies!

Seeing as the weather is cold in the U.K. it is important that we take care of our lips and keep them hydrated….it is always important to keep them hydrated, moisturised  and soft especially if you want to be able to apply your lipstick/lipgloss smoothly ensuring that they look presentable.

Within this post I just want to talk about my top 5 products which I use to keep my lips soft and hydrated.

1. LUSH Lip Scrub

download (1)

The LUSH lip scrub is A M A Z I N G…literally the best thing ever invented. If you find that your lips are a little dry then this lip scrub is perfect for you…it comes in many different flavours such as Popcorn, Bubblegum, Mint Julips and many more… it is also edible! Yum!  In order for it to work you will need to apply the product onto your lips like a lip balm  and move your lips together to ensure that the product ex foliates your lips. Once this is done you can either wipe it off or lick it off. The product leaves your lips  soft, moisturised and provides them with the vitamins in which they require.  I use the popcorn one and I love it!!

The price for the product is £5.50 and comes in one size only!

You can purchase it either on-line or in store.

Please see the link below to the product in Lush.

2. EOS Lip Balm

What is there not to love about EOS lip balms? I mean the packaging, flavour selection/colour and application is great and it keeps your lips soft and hydrated. The lip balm can be applied before lipstick/lipgloss application and can be used throughout the day to keep your lips hydrated. I love the application of this lip balm…all you have to do is unscrew the lip and move the ball over your lips and it’s done.

You can either purchase them in packs or individually as well.

I really like the Sweet Mint flavour  as it leaves your lips feeling fresh and little plumper which is great. However, there are many different flavours to pick from such  Strawberry Sorbet, Sweet Mint, Pomegranate and Raspberry, Blueberry and Acai, Lemon, Summer Fruit and Wildberry.

You can find the product anywhere…I normally pick mine up from Selfridges.

But I have left a  few links below for you to check out.

3.  Piz Buin Lip Balm

It is always important to protect our skin from the sun but it is also important not to forget our lips. I really like to use the Piz Buin Lip Balm as it consists of a SPF within it which is either a factor 20 or 30 in order to protect our lips from the sun and to keep them soft and hydrated. I tend to use the Piz Buin Lip Balm a lot more during the summer time and when I’m away as there is nothing more unattractive then sore burnt red lips…ouch!

The application is very basic just like a lipstick.

Please see the link below on where to purchase the lip balm.

4. NIVEA Lip Therapy

The classic lip care!

You can’t go wrong with the NIVEA Essential Care Lip Balm. I’ve been using this lip balm since Primary School…and it has always worked. I have always loved the NIVEA products I personally think that they do as they say perfectly. You can find this in many different flavours but I prefer the classic original one (as seen above).  The application is easy as it can be applied on like a lipstick and really helps cracked and dry lips.

This product has always helped me and it will forever be in my make-up bag. ❤

And it’s cheap 😀

Please see links.

5. Vaseline


Vaseline…need I say more? It is a saviour for everything. The Vaseline line is hard to pick from you can either go for the classic or the lip care with different flavours. Vaseline helps to keep your lips hydrated and soft. You literally can just take the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly pot with you can it will work wonders for all your troubled areas….which is great if you are travelling.

We all love Vaseline don’t we?! ❤

Until Next time.

With Love,

Ozel xo