My HD Brow Experience

Hey lovelies!

Let’s talk brows!

I love a polished and tidy brow and over the years I have had my brows waxed, plucked and threaded and always had a lovely shape, however,  this last year the lady who was doing my brows wasn’t doing them the way I liked so I stopped going to her.

Eventually I went back because I was too afraid to try anywhere else, I did use the Veet Facial Wax Pen and I was achieving the brows which I wanted and they looked great…but then I became too lazy to continue and I went back to the lady and started threading again, I love threading but she wasn’t doing it properly she was always breaking the hairs in and it was so annoying  and so once again I wasn’t really satisfied with my brows. One brow was a little more out of shape then the other and it was really bothering me, it was like she didn’t understand what I wanted and it was  really frustrating.

My best friend Salih from Salih’s World is known as the eyebrow king and he really  is! He has the most perfect brows and they always look amazing!

When I was speaking to Sal one day he told me that he was starting the HD Brow course and he was going to be mobile…the minute I heard this I stopped getting my eyebrows threaded and let my brows grow out as much as I could so that Sal could work his magic on me.

Once he was qualified both myself and my mum booked an appointment with him, as my mum was not happy with the results from the lady as well, so both myself and my mum were walking around with bushy and untidy brows so that Sal had enough brow hairs to work with haaha.

He started with tinting the brows to my desired colour and then continued working on the brows by waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming to ensure that I was happy with the new shape and that I was getting  the perfect brow that I desired for. Once this process was done he then filled in the areas which were sparse with the HD Brow Pallet and viola my perfect brows were back all thanks to the Eyebrow King.

The process was so fun and I love the results!

Sal works within the London area only-please see his contact details below.

Please research HD Brows to find the best HD brow stylist within your area to give you your perfect eyebrow transformation.

My brows before and after…


My mums brows before and after…


Price: £25.00

Thank you so much Sal ❤

For appointments and queries e-mail Sal on

Until next time.

With love,

Ozel xo


6 thoughts on “My HD Brow Experience

  1. Cara says:

    Oh dear god the brows. Being Italian-American (that is, an American-born whose grandparents emigrated from southern Italy) is akin to being a goat in that I’m hirsuite. Plainly speaking, my eyebrows (mustache, chin hairs, and side burns) will grow across my face and right onto your face. I’ve seen old pictures of me where I’m a toddler with a unibrow. WTF, how many two year old girls have a goddamn unibrow? Me & the kid who grew up to be the bearded lady in the freak show. My parents apparently didn’t do anything about my unibrow when I was a young child, and…I blame my mother. I remember her waxing in between my eyebrows when I was maybe 14, with wax she would heat in a frying pan on the stove. Same wax she used to wax in between her own eyebrows. Of course, she’s not a professional water, and she would heat the wax to the point where it would leave burn marks (a burn mark right between my eyes) and it was always me who had to go first, the wax was somehow less hot by the time she did herself. At 16 I started going for manicure/pedicure and I would let the girl at the nail place wax my eyebrows and my lip. She never left a burn scar. But my sisters were growing up, they also wanted heir eyebrows waxed. It was getting expensive. So we bought an at home wax machine (to cut costs) and my sister took over as the house waxer (by then my mother needed bifocals to read a menu). This worked for awhile, my sister was even able to wax my chin hairs. But she complained waxing at home was messy, and when she went away to college, we once again had to start having our wax done at the nail place.

    Over the years I’ve been to (and through) many nail places. Goes without saying you get a better wax in some places than others. About 8 years ago I started going to a Ukrainian woman in Brighton Beach (Brooklyn, not Britain) for facials, and she took over my waxing. My eyebrows have never looked so good, my mustache is no more, my sideburns & chin hairs no longer exist…my face is so smooth. My only other “brow management” trick is when I do my makeup, I use brow wax to keep them perfectly in shape.

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    • Ozel's Secrets says:

      I really like using brow gels as well and to fill in the sparse areas I like either using MAC eyeshadow in Espresso or Soap and Glory Archery Brow pen…this pen is amazing! It works so nicely and looks really natural. You should check it out. I’m so glad than eventually you got the brows you wanted…I mean it’s our brows that frames out face and they need to be perfect right? Having brows that you are not happy with is not great. Also sleep with a little Vaseline on your brows…I’ve seen a big in difference when using Vaseline on my brows and when not. 🙂


  2. Geri says:

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