The Benefits of Strawberries

Hey lovelies ❤ hope you are all well.

I LOVE strawberries especially dipped in chocolate, but I also love that strawberries can also be used within your beauty regime instead of just being a part of a diet. Strawberries are beneficial for many things from weight loss, skin, hair and teeth.

Strawberries are amazing to whiten your teeth…yes to whiten your teeth! The acid in the strawberry brightens, whitens and removes stains from your teeth. All you need to do is mash the strawberry up with a fork and dip your toothbrush into in and brush your teeth we the mashed strawberry..try doing this a twice a week you will start seeing results. Personally, I think this method of teeth whiten is so much more better then having them whitened with chemicals.

Strawberry Skin Scrub?…Why not try cutting up strawberries and rubbing them over your face to gently exfoliate your skin, strawberries are good to refresh and cleanse your skin as it consist of alpha-hydroxy acid. Leave the scrub on your face for a few minutes then rinse off you will find that your skin feels fresher and smoother.

If you are suffering with puffy eyes all you have to do is cut a few slices of strawberries and place them on your eyelids and under eyes sit back and relax for around 8-10mins after the time is up remove the slices and moisturise under your and around your eyes with a eye cream of your choice and you will notice the skin around your eyes will no longer look puffy and you will look really awake and hydrated.

Suffering with dry hair before you shampoo your hair why not chop up 6-8 strawberries and mix in well with a tablespoon of mayonnaise apply to dry hair ensuring that the mixture is applied equally and tie up and place a in shower cap. To ensure that the mixture works into the hair place a warm towel over the shower cap. Try and wait for a good ten minutes to ensure that the mixture works into the hair, once the time is up wash off with your normal routine. You will find that there will be improvement with your hair and it will feel a lot softer.

If you want to ensure that your skin is really soft and moisturised then I would recommend for you to mix in mashed strawberries with plain unsweetened yoghurt. once the mixture is blended together well you can apply it to your face just like a face mask and keep it on your face for 10mins. This face mask is so easy to make, keeps your skin soft and hydrated and is also amazing for oily skin.

It’s so amazing how one fruit can benefit you in so many ways strawberries are also recommended to be eaten when you want to lose weight as the acid within the strawberry burns fat and so this healthy and tasty option will help you to achieve many things.

Until next time.

With Love,

Ozel xox


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