Review: Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you’re all doing well 🙂

I am definitely the type of girl to wear a full face of  make-up every day I love that glam look, however, over the years I have tried out a various different brands of foundations and use to suffer with really bad breakouts. Not knowing it was the foundations I thought it was either poor diet or not taking care of my skin even though every morning and night I would have a skin care regime and still was confused to why I was suffering with bad breakouts.

This summer I went to Mexico and during my time there I didn’t use FullSizeRender (5)foundation as I was tanned and so when I arrived back to the UK and needed to get matched for a new foundation shade, however, instead a opted for a BB cream by Bobbi Brown. I was normally not into BB creams as the drug store ones I did not like especially by Maybelline I found it extremely watery and it would oxidize.

And so when I was speaking the lady on the Bobbi Brown counter she recommend the BB cream and matched me to a shade at the time I was tanned and she matched me to Medium to Dark now I use the shade in Natural. I tested it out for the time being and love wasn’t watery texture wise it is very much like a foundation it has medium coverage but is build able.

Since June I have used it every day and even on night outs it looks flawless in pictures, lasts all day long and I no longer have break outs 😀 I cannot see myself going back to using foundations ever again I absolutely love this BB cream! In order to see how amazing it is I have linked down below my everyday make up tutorial in which you can see how it looks on the skin and how you can still achieve a full faced make up look.

 This BB cream lasts me a very long time and I use it every day, it has a very large variety of shades, doesn’t oxidize, the packaging is very simple and sleek.

Price- £29.50.

Definitely a must try!! ❤

Please leave your comments below on your thoughts on this product.

Until next time,

Ozel xox



2 thoughts on “Review: Bobbi Brown BB Cream

  1. Cara says:

    I have deep, pitted scars from cystic acne and so I go for full coverage foundation most of the time. Right now my go-to is revlon instafix foundation (cream foundation in stick form) in 150, natural beige. However, 3 years ago in a fit of madness I got on the BB cream bandwagon and Oh dear Lord…watery, next to no coverage, my face felt tacky (as in it never dried). Worst-looking summer of my life.

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    • Ozel's Secrets says:

      Hi 🙂 exactly my point on drugstore BB creams they put me off I also tried the Body Shop one it was terrible!! It was so patchy and I hated it. I honestly can say that this Bobbi Brown BB cream is the best it’s very thick like foundation not watery at all, doesn’t oxidise, it doesn’t go patchy and the best thing is that it makes your skin look flawless with just a pea size amount! Coverage is medium but like I mentioned in the post it is build able during the day I don’t do any touch ups on it at all how amazing is that?! If you would that extra full cover you could always add a bit of concealer with it as well but since discovering this product I wouldn’t really ever go back to foundation. Xx

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