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No matter what every girl wants that flawless, glowing skin and perfectly structured cheek bones and we all know that we can achieve this with the help of the highlighting and contouring. There are many different ways of highlighting and contouring. It is also very important to know your face shape to ensure that you are contouring the correct way as every different face shape requires different areas to be contoured.

We also have the beauty of being able to use variety of products such as cream and powder, my favourites are cream especially for contouring I love creating the shadows by using a my Bobbi Brown Foundation stick which is a few shades darker my natural skin tone (any foundation works). It is important to remember that when using a powder product to contour that you use more grey toned bronzers instead of warm tones, my favourite bronzer for this is Hoola by Benefit to create that perfect shadow.

To highlight the areas which you desire you can achieve this by using powders, liquid illuminators and concealers (my fav MAC prep & prime). I have created a tutorial showing step by step how I contour and highlight my face, please remember that everyone has different ways and tricks on how to contour and highlight.

I would love it if you would check out my video on my way of doing and to see what products I use. ❤

my video-  https://youtu.be/81vMvJNDscM

I would also like to see how you contour and highlight and what your thoughts are on it so please comment below.

Until next time,

Ozel xox


FEBRUARY 5, 2015


Hey lovelies!

Let’s talk brows!

I love a polished and tidy brow and over the years I have had my brows waxed, plucked and threaded and always had a lovely shape, however,  this last year the lady who was doing my brows wasn’t doing them the way I liked so I stopped going to her.

Eventually I went back because I was too afraid to try anywhere else, I did use the Veet Facial Wax Pen and I was achieving the brows which I wanted and they looked great…but then I became too lazy to continue and I went back to the lady and started threading again, I love threading but she wasn’t doing it properly she was always breaking the hairs in and it was so annoying  and so once again I wasn’t really satisfied with my brows. One brow was a little more out of shape then the other and it was really bothering me, it was like she didn’t understand what I wanted and it was  really frustrating.

My best friend Salih from Salih’s World is known as the eyebrow king and he really  is! He has the most perfect brows and they always look amazing!

When I was speaking to Sal one day he told me that he was starting the HD Brow course and he was going to be mobile…the minute I heard this I stopped getting my eyebrows threaded and let my brows grow out as much as I could so that Sal could work his magic on me.

Once he was qualified both myself and my mum booked an appointment with him, as my mum was not happy with the results from the lady as well, so both myself and my mum were walking around with bushy and untidy brows so that Sal had enough brow hairs to work with haaha.

He started with tinting the brows to my desired colour and then continued working on the brows by waxing, threading, tweezing and trimming to ensure that I was happy with the new shape and that I was getting  the perfect brow that I desired for. Once this process was done he then filled in the areas which were sparse with the HD Brow Pallet and viola my perfect brows were back all thanks to the Eyebrow King.

The process was so fun and I love the results!

Sal works within the London area only-please see his contact details below.

Please research HD Brows to find the best HD brow stylist within your area to give you your perfect eyebrow transformation.

My brows before and after…

Click for Options

My mums brows before and after…

Click for Options

Price: £25.00

Thank you so much Sal

For appointments and queries e-mail Sal on contactus@swbrows.com

Until next time.

With love,

Ozel xo


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